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Guitar Workshop

Yerai Cortés
9 - 12 May 2016

Yerai Cortés teaches how to play and accompany with flamenco dance and binging, Technique and improvisation.

Yeray Cortes.jpg

Yerai Cortés

Guitar workshop Full course (6.5 hours)

HK$2375 (early bird by 20 April), HK$2500 (after 20 April), 


Single Class (1.5 hours on 9-11th, 2 hours on 12th)

HK$600 (9-11th), HK$1000 (12th)


9th Monday 21:00-22:30 at Culture Club
10th Tuesday 21:00-22:30 at Culture Club
11th Wednesday 20:45-22:15 at Culture Club
12th Thursday 20:00-22:00 at Sun Yat Sen Memorial Park Sports Centre Dance Room 

At Culture Club, they are more than welcome you to stay after the class. They serve food and drinks. 🍻

Culture Club: 15 Elgin Street, Soho, Central


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