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The Elements 2019


Hong Kong  香港 

Sunday 28 April

19:30 Open  20:00 Start

at Y-Theatre 青年廣場

238 Chai Wan Road, Chai Wan, Hong Kong

Tickets: $580, $480, $380, $280

Senior: $530, $440, $350, $260

group discount available 

Tickets are available at URBTIX ( on 1 March

URBTIX internet or credit card telephone booking: 2111 5999 (10am-8pm daily)

URBITX ticketing Enquiries Hotline: 3761 6661 (10am-8pm daily)

Programme Enquiries : 9286 7048 (English) or 9850 6345 (中文)

SuZhou 蘇州  

30 April and 1 May 4月30日和5月1日


SuZhou Cultural and Arts Centre

苏州文化艺术中心 演艺厅

Tickets 票价:380/280/180/80元




Hay tierras mojadas, y fuegos que se extienden con el aire.

Hay aguas saladas, y vientos que levantan la arena.

Hay aires veloces, y aguas que se mueven a su paso.

Hay fuegos que el agua no apaga, y tierras calcinadas que perecen.


Nacemos y morimos en tierra, en agua, en aire o en fuego. Crecemos y vivimos en raíces, en orígenes, pero también soñamos y avanzamos en el tiempo. Caminamos en la Tierra, algunos volando por el agua, y otros, nadando por el cielo. Encendemos con llamas las pasiones más secretas que en el fondo, no queremos más que compartir. 


Los 4 elementos, es un espectáculo en el que, nuevamente, el bailaor y coreógrafo Adrián Santana se aventura a tratar de adentrarnos con él en un nuevo viaje en el que se toma como motivo inspirador los cuatro elementos, a través de los cuales el artista tratará de dar forma a este último proyecto en el que cuatro artistas, entre ellos el propio Adrián, se presentan como las raíces que tratan de fortalecer los cimientos de su propio suelo, como las corrientes de agua que generan sus sentidos y como la brisa que emana de todo lo que, a través del fuego del flamenco, nos quieren entregar.


Sin fronteras ni escondites, sin temores ni vacíos, estos cuatro artistas vienen a mostrarnos, presentándose como los cuatro elementos claves de esta obra, un sinfín de sensaciones plasmadas en aquello que les une, el Flamenco, inspirados en la tierra, en el agua, en el aire y en el fuego.


There are wet lands, and fires that extend with the air.

There are salty waters, and winds that lift the sand.

There are fast airs, and waters that move in their way.

There are fires that the water does not extinguish, and land seems to be burned. 


We are born and die on land, in water, in air or in fire. We grow and live in roots, in origins, but we also dream and move forward in time. We walk on earth, some flying through the water, and others swimming through the sky.  We lighten with flames the most secret passions which stays deep in the heart, we don’t want share more. 


The 4 elements—a spectacle which Adrián Santana, the dancer and choreographer, ventures to enter in a new journey where inspired by the four elements, which four artists including Adrian himself, are presented as the roots which tries to strengthen the foundations of their own soil, as the streams of water that generate their senses, as the breeze that emanates from all that, through the fire of flamenco.  


Without borders or hideouts, without fear or emptiness, these four artists come to show us, presenting themselves as the four key elements of this work, myriads of sensations embodied in what binds them, the Flamenco, inspired by the Earth, in the Water, in the Air and into the Fire.


Photo: Yoshio Kato

Adrian Santana
Artistic Director, Choreographer, Dancer

The Second Prize winner of the 58th International Festival of Cante de Las Minas de la Union, was born in Malaga and comes from a family of artists. His uncle Pepito Vargas, a well- known flamenco dancer, taught him all his knowledge about the art of flamenco. He continued to study at Conservatorio Profesional de Danza de Málaga.

At the age of seventeen, he joined the cast of choreographer Carmen Mota where he worked as a soloist for five years. He then worked for Jose Porcel’s flamenco company in London, the company of Camborio and Lucia del Real at the Rome Opera “La Traviata”, the production of Paco Mora in the Bienal de Flamenco de Malaga, the company of Aida Gomez, the show “Flamenco Hoy” by Carlos Saura sharing the stage with artists like Concha Jareño, Pastora Galvan and Rocio Molina. He also has worked at Flamenco Festival USA, “Dressed to Dance” presented the Guggenheim Museum in New York led by Margaret Jova and choreographed by Carlos Chamorro sharing the stage with artists like María Pagés, Manuel Liñan and Rocío Molina among others.

In 2010 he received 2nd Prize at XIX Certamen de Coreografía de Danza Española y Flamenco de Madrid with his piece “Siempre me pasa lo mismo", subsequently presented in the Sala Pradillo in Madrid to great acclaim. He has participated as a part of the best dance companies highlighting Aída Gómez, Carlos Saura, Manuel Liñán/ Daniel Doña, Margaret Jova productions, Carlos Chamorro and Rocío Molina, sharing the stage with artists such as María Pagés, Lola Greco, Javier Latorre, Belén Maya, Pastora Galván, Nani Paños, Concha Jareño and Rafael Estévez on stages and festivals such as Festival de Jerez, Seville Biennial and the Acropolis in Greece, Flamenco Festival London/New York, among many others. He has been directed by prestigious artists such as Antonio Canales and master Granero in different productions and has been performing in “NOMADA” by Cia. Manuel Liñan. He was invited and performed with City Chamber Orchestra of Hong Kong in 2013 and 2014.

He also presented his own production “SIMBIOSIS” at Los Veranos del Corral at Corral del Carbon in Granada in August 2014 and Biennal de Flamenco Malaga in May 2015. He was invited as a residence teacher at University of New Mexico for a month and performed "SIMBIOSIS” at 30th anniversary Festival de flamenco in Albuquerque, one of the biggest flamenco festival in the world, in 2017 as one of the leading artists.

He is been well known in the tablaos Villa Rosa, Las Carboneras, Casa Patas, El Corral de la Moreria and El Arenal.

He also collaborated with Esencia Flamenca HK to present his show “La Partida” in Hong Kong and Japan in 2016 and in SuZhou 2018 and "El Encuentro" in Hong Kong in 2017, "Convivencia" in Fukuoka and Tokyo Japan in 2017, Hong Kong, Kyoto, Tokyo tour in 2018.

In addition to his experience as a dancer, he teaches courses in different cities and conservatories in Spain and also around the world such as Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, USA, Israel and more.


Photo: Farruk

Jonatan Miró

Special Guest Dancer

A professional debut in 1999 with the Antonio Canales Company in Madrid and Barcelona, presenting the show “Time 2000”. He became soon a part of National Ballet of Spain and performed many theatres in the world. After five years, he decided to leave the National Ballet to pursue new artistic projects.

Worked at the dance companies like Rubén Olmo and performed in the show “Belmonte”, the “Pinocchio”, in the Co. DosXmedio Rafael Estévez and Nani in the shows like “Flamenco XXI” and the “Sonatas” and the show “Flamenco Hoy” of Carlos Saura in Madrid along with artists such as Pastora Galván, Rocio Molina, etc.

In the 2007, he received Premio Best Outstanding Dancer at Contest XVI Spanish Dance and Flamenco Community of Madrid. He has also worked with the company in the show of Rocío Molina “Old Gold", the “We go to Firefight” by Rafaela Carrasco.

In 2010 after a long career and having participated as a soloist in numerous companies, he produced his own flamenco show “Moments” by David Coria and Guadalupe Torres in Madrid and received excellent acceptance by both the public and critics.

In March 2011, he was called to position as the artistic director of flamenco tablao Villa-Rosa, located in Plaza Santa Ana in Madrid.

In 2013, he worked with the Company GR Project Manuel Liñan and Daniel Doña on the show "REW", the show “Labyrinthine” by Marco Flores company, the show “Nomad” by Manuel Liñan Company. He just now performed in Madrid with the latest project by Manuel Liñan "¡VIVA!".

Currently he is running as Art Director at the prestigious flamenco table Villa Rosa, as well as performing with numerous artists and along with shows for other major companies as well as their own.

Jesus Corbacho.jpg

Photo: Kana Kondo

Jesús Corbacho


Born in Huelva, Jesus Corbacho's passion for flamenco started at a very early age. When he was only 2 1/2 year old he was singing his first fandangos with a perfect tone. Since then he has not stopped getting awards, like the First Prize of the National Fandangos Contest “Paco Toronjo” Alosno, Saeta Young Award in Jerez de

la Frontera (Cadiz), Special Award for the Best Malagueña in the Great Singing Competition “Singing Tower” of Alhaurin de la Torre and finalist at the awards Camaron, Manolo Caracol, Cayetano Muriel, Pepe Marchena and Niña de los Peines in the XVIII National Flamenco Art Contest of Cordoba.


He has participated in global and important events, such as The Flamenco Year of Cordoba, Cante Flamenco Festival of Albaizín, the 1st Flamenco Biennial of Netherlands and the 46th International Festival of Cante de Las Minas de La Union, Bienal de Flamenco de Malaga, Festival de Jerez, Flamenco Festival de Albuqurque. He also has done tours in Spain, Austria, Italy, Mexico, Sweden, Portugal, Norway, Taiwan, Bulgaria, Denmark, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Greece, Canada, USA, Japan among others.

Jesus is a solo singer as well as an accompanied singer for dancers. He has worked with artists such as Milagros Mengíbar, Belen Maya, Rafael Campallo, Jose Galvan Luisa Palicio, Family of De Los Reyes, Adela Campallo. He has also shared the stage with Estrella Morente, Chano Lobato, Fosforito, Luis Cordoba, Juanito Villar, Archangel, “Extremeño”, “Guadiana”, “La Tremendita”, Montse Cortés, Mayte Martin, Miguel Poveda...In addition, he is obtaining a great success with his first CD called "Debajo del Romero". He is also recognized as a great teacher at workshops.

He was in Hong Kong with Ballet Andalucia.
He was also in Hong Kong, Kyoto, Tokyo with “Convivencia” tour in 2018 with Esencia Flamenca.


Photo: Farruk

Jonathan Reyes


Born in Seville, in a family which has a long tradition in the flamenco.
His father and grandfather accompanied with several famous Flamenco such as Ramon Barrul and Juana Amaya and being familiar with the great singer Jose Cortes Jimenez (Pansequito). He has developed his voice with a lot of freshness, but reaching the depth as a matured singer. He has been singing for dancers since its beginning with standing out in the domain of the compas (rhythm).


He performed on stage for the first time when he was 16 years old with Philharmonic of Berlin with the show "The Quintet” which took him for a tour in Germany. He took a part also in the show "The Duet" with Leonor Moro and Antonio Arrebola and in the show "Flamencura" with Rafaela Stern and Carmen Lopez.

He has participated many flamenco peñas in Andalucia, such as Peñas Sevillanas, Torres Macarena, Cantes al Are o Pies Plomo, with dancers such as Soraya Clavijo or Sergio Gonzalez.


In July 2011, the Gazpacho of flamenco festival in Moron de la frontera, he worked with Juana Amaya and her daughter Nazareth Reyes, and participated in the show "Rhythms con Alma" by Miguel Vargas and Esperanza Fernandez.


In July 2012, he performed in Paris with the guitarist David Marin and the dancer Samantha Alcon, with the show “Ensemble Flamenco”


He currently works in tablaos in Sevilla such as Los Gallos and La Carboneria and many more all over Spain.

Jonathan also performed with great artists such as Dieguito de Moron, great dancers such as Pepe Torres, Carmen Ledesma, Maria Jose Santiago, Eva Yerbabuena, Jesus Carmona, and many more.


He has traveled with great artists to Hong Kong, China, Japan, USA, Australia in addition to many European countries. He recently came to Hong Kong and SuZhou with the company of Eva Yerbabuena.

Yerai Cortes.JPG

Photo: Celina Yeyén

Yerai Cortes


Born on May 24, 1995, Yerai Cortés from Alicante, his passion for flamenco comes from his family. Currently he is based in Madrid, where he began his career working at some of the best flamenco venues in the city, like Las Carboneras, Villa Rosa, Casa Patas and Corral de la Moreria amongst others.

Despite his young age, he has already been able to work at the Teatro de Bellas Artes de Madrid, el Teatro Coliseum de Barcelona and the Lope de Vega in Seville amongst others and many major flamenco festivals such as Flamenco Festival de Jerez, Flamenco Festival de Albuqurque, Flamenco Madrid, etc.

He had the honor of accompanying artists like La Negra, La Tana, Olga Pericet, Richard Bona, Marco Flores, Alfonso Losa, Manuel Liñan, Las Hermanas Bautista, Chucito Valdés and Javier Colina, Guadalupe Torres, Vannesa Coloma, Adrian Santana, amongst others. Recently he has been playing for Farruquito and currently on tour with him in USA for 6 weeks. And he has been traveling with those artists all over the world.

In addition, he is a composer and singer for Juan Debel and Yerai Cortes’s project as well as with Ismael de la Rosa "El Bola".


He also performed with Esencia Flamenca HK to present Adrian Santana’s show “La Partida” in Hong Kong and Japan in 2016 and in SuZhou 2018 as well as "El Encuentro" in Hong Kong 2017, "Convivencia" in Fukuoka and Tokyo 2017, Hong Kong, Kyoto, Tokyo 2018. And The Roots of Flamenco in Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan in 2017.

20181122_2174 copy.jpg

Mariko Drayton


Although she is originally from Tokyo, Japan, she started to study flamenco in 1994 in Boston, US with Omayra Amaya, and her first exposure to real flamenco life was her role as house manager for Omayra’s show, which lasted 8 months.  That gave her the opportunity to meet a host of artists from Spain.  From that point Mariko was captivated by the magical art of flamenco.

She moved back to Tokyo in 1999.  Flamenco is very popular in Japan with long history and the second largest population after Spain.  She continued to study flamenco with Antonio Alonso, a former principal dancer at Ballet Nacional de España.  Mariko performed many shows as a member of the Antonio Alonso Dance Company in Japan. These included productions of Carmen, together with the Japan Philharmonic Orchestra at Suntory Hall in Tokyo, with the New Japan Philharmonic Orchestra at Opera City in Tokyo (which was broadcast on Japanese television), and with the Okayama Philharmonic Orchestra in Okayama.

In 2010, she moved to Hong Kong with her family and kept studying with many artists such as Adrian Santana, Guadalupe Torres, Concha Jareño, Pedro Cordoba and more in Hong Kong, Japan and Spain in addition to Clara Ramona for regular classes in Hong Kong and performed in many occasions in Hong Kong.  She established Esencia Flamenca in Hong Kong in 2015 and now she is promoting this beautiful art to Hong Kong with teaching, performing, and organising shows with Spanish masters from Spain and touring in Japan and China.

Chloe Cheung


She was born in Suzhou, China and moved to Hong Kong in 1992. Through her father’s influence, Chloe has loved all forms of art since she was a little girl and has studied many forms.  In 2003, she discovered flamenco. She studied and taught as a substitute teacher at Clara Ramona Dance Studio in Hong Kong and performed in Macau, Hong Kong, Japan, Shanghai and The Philippines.  

She visits Spain every year and has studied in Madrid, Seville, Cadiz and Granada with masters including Concha Jareño, Adrián Santana, Juan Polvillo, Alicia Marques. Chloe also participates in many intensive masters workshops in Hong Kong, Japan and China.  In November 2015 she started teaching and preforming in Suzhou, China, sharing her love of flamenco with new audiences and dancers in her home town. 

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