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Dance Workshop

Concha Jareño
10 — 18 June 2023

Concha Jareño

  1. Single class is available only for Bata de cola technique and abanico technique

  2. Tientos and Tangos de Triana can put them together to make the whole choreography.
    Tientos : salida, llamada, letra, fálsela, llamada, letra, escobilla de tientos.
    Tangos de Triana : fálsela de la escobilla, letra, fálsela, letra estribillo de despedida.
    The music for Tientos and Tangos de Triana will be recorded specifically for this course.

  3. Tangos de Triana can be used separately (stand alone) or to be used after Tientos.

  4. Tientos is for Intermediate, but Tangos de Triana for beginner/intermediate

  5. I would strongly recommend for attendees of Tientos to take Tangos de Triana together in order to complete the choreography.

  6. Guajira with Abanico : technique and choreography for beginner/intermediate

  7. Sole with castanets : technique and choreography for beginner/intermediate

  8. Most of the classes will be at Moving Cube Studio in Central (only Sunday 11 12:00 and Thursday 15 20:00 are at Harbour Road Sports Centre)

  9. No refund, No transfer to others.

  10. Videos will be recorded in the end of the class by Esencia Flamenca and will be sent to the attendees strictly for your own study.

Price & Payment (HKD)

  1. Bank Transfer : Esencia Flamenca Limited  HSBC 582-295945-838 

  2. FTP:

Inquiry:WhatsApp +852 9286 7048


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