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Concha Jareño

This Madrilena has been awarded with the National Flamenco Art Awards of Cordoba 2007 Matilde Coral and Mario Maya, The first prize for Best Solo Choreography 2008 in the Spanish Dance and Flamenco Choreography Competition of Madrid and the second prize of the Flamenco Cante Competition of Las Minas 2008. That same year she premiered the recital “Simplemente Flamenco" and the show "Algo", for which she was awarded the Revelation Award of the prestigious Jerez Festival in 2009, garnering praise from both the public and the critics.

She has been a soloist in the show of Carlos Saura “Flamenco Hoy”.

In 2010 closes the cycle of his show “Algo”, presenting it at the prestigious Biennial of Seville in the Central Theatre.

In 2011 she premiered “Hecho a Mano” at the Corral del Coal in Granada.

In 2012 she participated as a choreographer with Javier Latorre in the chinese production show “Quijote, al compas de un sueno”, which premiered at the Coliseum Theatre in Gran Via in Madrid and toured Asia.

In March 2015 she premiered at the Jerez Festival “El Baul de los Flamencos”.

In June 2018, within the Flamenco festival Madrid premieres his “Recital Flamenco” with which she tours the most important festivals and where we find Concha Jareno with a maturity clearly reached.

She currently collaborates in different companies highlighting her participation in the show Flamenco (creative space) of Alfonso Losa and with Miguel Poveda within his diverse tour. She usually performs at Tablao Flamenco de Leones, Tablao Flamenco Los Porches and Teatro Flamenco Madrid. It also continues with teaching, work for which it is internationally demanded.

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