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Jonathan Reyes

Born in Seville, in a family which has a long tradition in the flamenco.

His father and grandfather accompanied with several famous Flamenco such as Ramon Barrul and Juana Amaya and being familiar with the great singer Jose Cortes Jimenez (Pansequito). He has developed his voice with a lot of freshness, but reaching the depth as a matured singer. He has been singing for dancers since its beginning with standing out in the domain of the compas (rhythm).


He performed on stage for the first time when he was 16 years old with Philharmonic of Berlin with the show "The Quintet” which took him for a tour in Germany. He took a part also in the show "The Duet" with Leonor Moro and Antonio Arrebola and in the show "Flamencura" with Rafaela Stern and Carmen Lopez.

He has participated many flamenco peñas in Andalucia, such as Peñas Sevillanas, Torres Macarena, Cantes al Are o Pies Plomo, with dancers such as Soraya Clavijo or Sergio Gonzalez.


In July 2011, the Gazpacho of flamenco festival in Moron de la frontera, he worked with Juana Amaya and her daughter Nazareth Reyes, and participated in the show "Rhythms con Alma" by Miguel Vargas and Esperanza Fernandez.


In July 2012, he performed in Paris with the guitarist David Marin and the dancer Samantha Alcon, with the show “Ensemble Flamenco”


He currently works in tablaos in Sevilla such as Los Gallos and La Carboneria and many more all over Spain.

Jonathan also performed with great artists such as Dieguito de Moron, great dancers such as Pepe Torres, Carmen Ledesma, Maria Jose Santiago, Eva Yerbabuena, Jesus Carmona, and many more.


He has traveled with great artists to Hong Kong, China, Japan, USA, Australia in addition to many European countries. He recently came to Hong Kong and SuZhou with the company of Eva Yerbabuena.

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