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Jonatan Miro

Jonatan Miró

A professional debut in 1999 with the Antonio Canales Company in Madrid and Barcelona, presenting the show “Time 2000”. He became soon a part of National Ballet of Spain and performed many theatres in the world. After five years, he decided to leave the National Ballet to pursue new artistic projects.

Worked at the dance companies like Rubén Olmo and performed in the show “Belmonte”, the “Pinocchio”, in the Co. DosXmedio Rafael Estévez and Nani in the shows like “Flamenco XXI” and the “Sonatas” and the show “Flamenco Hoy” of Carlos Saura in Madrid along with artists such as Pastora Galván, Rocio Molina, etc.

In the 2007, he received Premio Best Outstanding Dancer at Contest XVI Spanish Dance and Flamenco Community of Madrid. He has also worked with the company in the show of Rocío Molina “Old Gold", the “We go to Firefight” by Rafaela Carrasco.

In 2010 after a long career and having participated as a soloist in numerous companies, he produced his own flamenco show “Moments” by David Coria and Guadalupe Torres in Madrid and received excellent acceptance by both the public and critics.

In March 2011, he was called to position as the artistic director of flamenco tablao Villa-Rosa, located in Plaza Santa Ana in Madrid.

In 2013, he worked with the Company GR Project Manuel Liñan and Daniel Doña on the show "REW", the show “Labyrinthine” by Marco Flores company, the show “Nomad” by Manuel Liñan Company. He just now performed in Madrid with the latest project by Manuel Liñan "¡VIVA!".

Currently he is running as Art Director at the prestigious flamenco table Villa Rosa, as well as performing with numerous artists and along with shows for other major companies as well as their own.

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