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Pedro Cordoba

Pedro Cordoba was born in Sabadell Barcelona where he initiates his formation as a dancer. He initiates his training studying Clasical Ballet, Bolera Danza Española and Contemporary dance at Pastora Martos academy. The Institute of the theatre titles him with Danza Española while he continues his studies.


He studies with the following teachers:

La Tani,Manuel Nuñez, Antonio Canales, Javier Latorre etc


His artistic career includes working with the following artists:

Enrique Morente in the production of Omega performing choreografies of Javier Latorre.


He then moves to Sevilla where he commences to work with La Compañia Andaluza de Danza, perfoming solo pieces directed by Jose Antonio.

During four years he is a member of La Compañia de Eva la Yervaguena in various productions and performances world wide.

He works with Joaquin Grilo in his production of Jacara.

Javier Latorre in Cosas de Payos, Ambivalencia, Triana etc

He becomes the lead dancer with the flamenco company of Somorrostro Inconexus XXI

while at the same time he is and working with artists such as

Chicuelo, Miguel Poveda, Duquende.

He has participated in the festival of young upcoming artist in la bienal de sevilla two years consecutively and also in the festival Corral del Carbon in Granada.

He works on a regular basis in the best known tablaos of Spain including, El Cordobes, El Carmen, Los Tarantos, Las Carboneras, Villa Rosa, Corral de la Moreria, Casa Patas etc

He participates and choreographs Contrastes with Juan Ogalla and Daniel Navarro and worked as a solo artist in there dance company.

He worked with Vicente Amigo performing as his soloist dancer in Un Momento en el Sonido and Paseo de Gracia.

He has choreographed for Ana Morales and Guadalupe Torres the following shows,

Reciclarte, Acuerdate Cuando Entonces.

He performed in Rafaela Carrasco company during 4 years in the following shows: Vamos al Tiroteo, Con la Musica A Otra Parte

He initiates his company and personal production Del 2mil y Pico for the Original Flamenco Festival de Madrid which he currently performs in various international festivals worldwide.

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